8x8cm If your fridge is not cool enough, use our magnets to make it even cooler! ⏰ It takes on average 5 - 10 working days to process your order.

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    7.2 x 7.2cm
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More about Magnets

No more boring fridge magnets souvenirs.

Now you can be proud of the look of your fridge 😉 You can stick there a holiday photo, a portrait of your loved one, or a motivating quote.

Choose what you like! In the photo magnets, everything is up to you.

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A great source of inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration on how to play with your photos? Or maybe you have plenty of ideas to share with others? Follow us on Instagram and check out #moonylab.

A collection of photobooks, wall gallery, polaroids, photo magnets, or canvas? Check, check, check, check. You'll find it on Moony Lab.

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About Us




"We love moonylab.pl albums, they capture our most beautiful moments in photos 😍 we recommend everyone should get such a nice gift, a souvenir 💗 And these covers each month are different and unique ..."




"You can easily and quickly recall photos stored on the phone. The application is very intuitive, and the product itself ... Booklets with 50 photos organize photos nicely, very good quality. Fast shipping."❤️




"A cool and quick way to develop photos without leaving your home. I really like that the photos are collected in the booklet - I take the ones I want to the frames, and the rest is in one place :)"